Everything started…

Everything started with a small camera, that Russ presented me on my birthday.

Oh well.. It started even earlier, when my mom was quite disappointed with the picture she received from printThat was in time of compact film cameras, do you remember it?

She asked me how did I manage to do such a terrible picture having such a good looking mother? Lol.. I was 14 then. And I was engrossed in thoughts – really, why? Why do you see one face in the mirror and getting different results in pictures? And how to make it look better? 

So that was the beginning of the beginning. I was doing different pictures on my compact film camera, thinking, reading.

Then it was a camera in mobile phone)) I began to shoot everything that was moving with my phone. Everything, everyone, everywhere)) Looking at this, my husband (my boyfriend that time) considered I deserve a better camera, and made a great present for my birthday. 

He bought a very nice digital compact camera with manual mode, that allowed much more control over the photographic process.

So the receipt was simple – one really passionate and dedicated person, another with incredible support, and some tips from our friends (pro photographers) on top.

 After our wedding we decided to purchase a great professional camera to erase all the limits of the equipment. From the very beginning it has been just to have good photos for ourself, but in this way we started a new spiral of our photography.

 And that was the beginning)). 

P.S.: By the way, my mother still keeps that terrible photo)) She’s joking that it is my skeleton in the cupboard.

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