Questions and Answeres

Where are you based? How far will you travel?  

 We are the Northamptonshire based wedding and family photographers and cover all Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and London. We usually go to London, Cambridge, Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough, Corby, Peterborough.  Additionally, we can do a nationwide photo-shoot. Travel expenses are usually discussed separately.

How long can you stay at our wedding? 

That fully depends on you. We offer standard time – 4 hours, 8 hours and 10 hours, but this time can be extended/shortened, depend on your choice. 

How many photos will we get? 

That depends on the time that we spend on your big day, but in general, 8 hour photo-shoot is equal to 500-600 fully edited and retouched hi-res images + black and white copies on personalised DVD.

Do you prefer the natural light of flashlight? 

We do both, mostly using additional lighting equipment, reflectors and other photographic stuff. This allows us to feel much more comfortable and never rely on weather caprices. We do shooting in natural light too, especially during gorgeous sundown. Depending on the situation.  We use professional full frame camera and high-aperture lenses that allow us to shoot in low light without using flash (during the ceremony in the church for example). 

Do you do prints?

We prefer to give you hi-res digital copies of the pictures. But as additional services, we can print your photos (using top quality materials, depends on budget).

Alternatively, we offer unique anodised aluminium prints. The technology which allows putting the print inside the metal surface. It is fire- vandal- chemical resistant, so your photograph will retain in metal forever. 

Do you offer Photo Book?

As an additional service, we can do a photo book for you. We are registered with Queensberry (Australia). The company that produces top quality photo books on top quality materials. So just decide what your budget is and let us help you with it.

 How does it work? 

You will choose the photos that should be added to photo book. We will create the layout for you. After approval your one of a kind book will be sent to the printing process. 

 How do you work?

We work as photographer and assistant. It is much easier to do the job in this way. 

Do you have a photographic education? 

Well, life is the constant learning, and the main thing is self-education. We don’t have photographic education, but since the beginning, we’ve read lots of books, magazines and fixed knowledge with practice. Hope you like the result)) 

Have you got your studio? 

Not yet. We have studio equipment, but we’re not renting the space yet, preferring location photo-shoot. We can bring our mobile studio with us if needed.




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