Why should we hire professional wedding photographer?

Why should we hire a professional wedding photographer? Can we save money on photography?

Here are some of my thoughts and reasons to do this.

Wedding photography. Bridal portrait by PoshPhoto Victoria Tito

Wedding photography. Bridal portrait by PoshPhoto Victoria Tito

I love baking. One of my recent masterpieces was ricotta vanilla & apricots cheesecake. Believe me, it was delicious! My husband, huge cheesecake fan, sincerely adored it. And it was definitely better than lots of cakes on the shelves.

But what is the difference between hobby and profession, me and the confectioner? Well, I had quite a delicious result, but I have spent a ton of my free time, and still don’t know how to choose better cheese to whip it till the perfection or how to expel any air bubbles from macaroons, etc.

Basically, I can not guarantee the same perfect result in harsh conditions. The experienced chef knows dozens of tips and tricks instead. 

I have seen lots and lots of the pictures made by amateur photographers, and I’m ready to admire with some for hours. We all put our love and soul into our passion so with some taste and techniques you can do quite nice pictures.

But probably the only thing that differs professional from the amateur is the guaranteed high-quality result. Only professional can provide you high-quality pictures in the difficult, fast-changing conditions.


Couple portrait by PoshPhoto Victoria Tito. Wedding Photographer Kent.

Couple portrait by PoshPhoto Victoria Tito. Wedding Photographer Kent.

If you have any doubts, they can be quickly dispelled by trying to shoot 4 hours journalistic report. What about 8 hours? I don’t mean just periodical “push the button” but at list constant attention to the frame and best efforts for the perfect shot.

So the answer to the question in the headline depends on what quality of the pictures you need. Let me just mention some of my basic thoughts why is it worth to hire professional photographer.

  1. You’re definitely getting what you’re paying for.

Usually, photographer spent lots of time practicing, so he has all necessary experience.

Check the photographer’s portfolio and choose the ONE, who is closest to your dreams (and your budget of course).

  1. The good photographer will do his best to show things in the best possible light.

Even inexpensive flowers and simple cupcakes would look great!

  1. Photographer will catch every nanometre of your Big Day.

By the way, about the cupcakes. I love the photographs of all the “wedding details”. Dress, veil, flowers, rings, stationary, cake. These images reflect the atmosphere of the day and add uniqueness and charm to the album.

Wedding bouquet and bridal heels photo. Image by PoshPhoto Victoria Tito

Wedding bouquet and bridal heels photo. Image by wedding photographer Victoria Tito


  1. Professional wedding photographer will take care of all the desired images and moments from your list.

You don’t have to disturb your friends and family if they have done all pictures you wanted so they will stay relaxed and just enjoy the day.

  1. The quality.

Even if your friend has full frame DSLR camera (that is highly unlikely), a photographer will spend at least two weeks editing your pictures. And the editing is a big part of how the final photograph looks. It is also the talent and unique style.

To achieve great results we are spending lots of time studying the techniques, practicing, developing our talent. We’re giving you the part of our soul.

Do you still have doubts if you should book the wedding photographer? Your biggest day happens only once, but each couple should decide by themselves 😉

Wedding photography by PoshPhoto Victoria Tito

Wedding photography by PoshPhoto Victoria Tito


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