Essential products for the professional bridal makeup

Bridal MakeupHere are the products that are quite essential for the professional bridal makeup as in the post about it.

A bit detailed about each of them.  

  • Very good primer matching your skin type. It makes your foundation last longer.

If you have normal to oily skin I would recommend choosing the silicone based primer, like Loreal Studio Secrets Primer or Revlon Photoready Primer (or any other HD silicone based primer). It works just awesome! Like a small jar with a magic potion))
Silicone masks small wrinkles and imperfections, uneven textures are converted into a smooth skin. It has a very pleasant velvety finish and great mattifying abilities. Anyway these bases dry out skin really fast, so personally I don’t recommend them for dry skin types.
It may seem a bit strange as the silicones are emollients, and they are present in lots of lotions to lock the moisture in our skin. Maybe it is the type, but I have found that after several hours of wearing it, my skin looks really dry and not the best way at all (I have a very dry skin).

 It is ok for a few hours photo-shoot, but not the best idea for dry skin to wear it all day long.
If you’ve got the dry skin type just try a good moisturising cream, like Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference or Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre, or just any other you like.

  • A good foundation that matches your skin type and skin tone.
    Use the long-lasting series with a medium to full coverage, however, make sure it really suits your skin!
    Revlon Photo Ready, Ben Nye, Graftobian the samples of brands for your bridal makeup.
  • Concealer for underneath of the eyes
    if you have any dark circles it is the very important thing to invest in. Must have a good coverage and do not to dry out your skin. My favourites for the dry skin type are Rimmel “Match Perfection Concealer”, Clinique “All About Eyes Concealer” and NARS “Radiant Creamy Concealer”. The last one works best but is quite expensive.
  • Setting powder to finish the look.

Just any clear powder will do the trick, Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder

  • Eyeshadow primer or eyeshadow base
    For oily lids (and for all other) MAC Paint Pot, Too Faced, Urban Decay, NYX HD primers work the best.
    However, it might be harder to blend the eyeshadow well.

Small tip to prevent this: wait for 10 to 15 minutes, let the primer set and then apply the eyeshadow.
It might be easier for someone with dry lids to use Sigma Eye Shadow Pase, I have the Persuade shade and it works just great for me. The makeup is not as durable as the one with NYX HD, but I like Sigma a bit more.

  • Eyeshadow set. It’s an endless topic, but just to tell you some of my favourites (price increasing) 

    Bridal makeup. PoshPhoto photography.

    Bridal makeup. PoshPhoto photography.

Sleek “Oh So Special” and “Au Naturel” pallets


Neve Cosmetics “Elegantissimi Eyeshadow” palette


Urban Decay

Mac MakeUp Forever (the best, but too expensive!).

  • Your favourite blushes to create blooming skin look.
    I have some from NYX and Sleek, they work great for me.
  • Eyebrows pencil or eyebrow shadow matching your hair colour
  • Lipstick or lip gloss.
    It is the same endless topic as for the eyeshadows, as it should really last!

You will be kissing quite often on your wedding day. On my big day, I used the natural nude shades so it was not really visible when it was coming off.
If you want a more vibrant colour, ensure that you pick up one that is really long lasting and moisturising. The matte finish is very popular today, but usually, it dries the lips very fast.

Don’t forget to get the correct shade of the lip liner!
Keep in mind if you’re going to kiss anybody with bold colour lipstick on, you may leave nice stains on your guest’s cheeks))

  • Eyeliner
    Pick up waterproof gel eyeliner. It is probably the only one type of liners that lasts around 24h. They all are quite good for the bridal makeup.
  • Mascara
    Use your favourite one, but if you know that you intend to cry, pick the waterproof, of course
  • Falsies are a great option that adds a drama and the “pro look” to any bridal makeup. It is worth learning how to wear it. Just don’t forget to buy strong lash glue that will withstand your tears and will last all day long.
  • Last, but not least! Makeup brushes. The set can be really expensive, however, it is very hard to achieve pro looking makeup using regular sponge applicators or really cheap brushes.
    I have 22 Piece Brush set from Coastal Scents, it is not that expensive and the quality of the bristles is very nice. Well, I’m using it for two years now and I’m quite happy with the set. Although I have some more expensive brushes, I use CS set every day.

In addition, to the list above professional bridal makeup artist usually has a set of coloured correctors to mask redness or very dark undereye circles, setting spray, or finishing spray.

Well, it is very long and expensive list. But this is what you get when hiring the professional.

And remember, it is not about the makeup, but your happiness. You are beautiful no matter what! 

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