Wedding makeup. Is it worth doing on your own?

Wedding makeup. Is it worth doing on your own?

If you ask yourself this question, here are my thoughts as a photographer and a bride. 

Wedding makeup. Photo by PoshPhoto VictoriaTito

Wedding makeup. Photo by PoshPhoto VictoriaTito

The first thing I have to tell you, it is not about the makeup on your wedding day and you are beautiful no matter what. Your future husband loves you for the way you are, your soul.

But if we are talking about professional matters I can give you some insider’s tips.  

Quality makeup is crucial for great photos. It adds a LOT to your final look and boosts your confidence. Quality makeup is life-proof and stays in place all day long.

So having enough budget, try to find the makeup artist who suits you and make sure their package has full trial makeup or an option to purchase it separately.

Once again, good and professional makeup is really essential for good-looking photos.
If you are planning to meet your MUA in the morning of the wedding day something might go a bit different way than you expected.

Make sure you feel comfortable with your chosen look. After the trial, you will have an idea how long it lasts, and if all the products are perfect for you (no allergies, reactions, etc).
Lastly, you won’t have any unwanted surprises during the day. 

Wdding Photography by PoshPhoto, Kent

Wdding Photography by PoshPhoto, Kent

I was the bride who decided to go my way, as I haven’t found the right person to perform quality bridal makeup. Some makeup artists were busy that day, the price lists of others were way too high for my budget. I thought for too long and finally ended up being without makeup artist for my big day at all.
So I have decided to do everything by myself.

Firstly, be aware if you want your makeup to last for 12 hours – it is very hard to save money on it.

That is because you’ll need quality products to create really lasting wedding makeup.

 Also, you should allocate some time for training, of course.

But there are some benefits to doing it by yourself .
– The products you’ll invest in will serve you more than one day.
– You’ll get some knowledge and practise so your makeup will be better in general
– Enough time to pick the products that work best for you
– Your “pro” essential products can be with you all day long, you won’t have any problems with touching up.

And, of course, if you always wanted to learn how to do your makeup, it is good to do this before your wedding day. 

Wedding makeup.Photo by PoshPhoto Victoria Tito Kent

Wedding makeup.Photo by PoshPhoto Victoria Tito Kent

So here is the list of my essentials (more detailed about each item here):

Very good primer

A good foundation that matches your skin type and skin tone.

Concealer for underneath of the eyes

Setting powder to finish the look

Eyeshadow primer or eye shadow base

Eyeshadow set


Eyebrows pencil or eyebrow shadow matching your hair colour

Lipstick or lip gloss.



Falsies as an option

Makeup brushes

Picking products wisely the average budget for all the products for the quality bridal makeup expecting to be £100 – £200. And it is the price of good bridal makeup.

As I’ve already mentioned in the beginning, the wedding makeup is a huge part of a bridal look. It makes a great impact on your photos, it is 100% true.

It should match the dress style, as well as your inner feeling of yourself.
If you’re a bit scared of the list above, it is definitely better to invest into the bridal make-up made by right professional, who knows not only how to use the list above, but also how to correct imperfections, does the perfect contouring and will boost your confidence by doing your face look magnificent!

Remember about the trial, don’t try to save on it, it is not worth that!

If you’re familiar with the list of the products and feel confident no one knows your face better than you do – go for it! Try your favourite looks some time before and you will know how long it would last and what to expect from the products you already have.

It’s your big day, your choice. You are beautiful just because it’s you!


Bridal preparations. Image by PoshPhoto Russ Tito

Bridal preparations. Image by PoshPhoto Russ Tito

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